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Youth retreat at the Lutheran Center

The youth retreat this past weekend was a big success!  Activities and classes filled the two days.  The theme was “Dreams”.  Members of the Southeastern Synod came to help with the event.  Thank you Rachel, John Paul, Ethan, Rebecca and

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Christ the King from Atlanta visits Israel, Quiché

Pastor Brian and the crew from Christ the King Lutheran in Atlanta visited ILA Jesús de los milagros in Israel, Quiché the second week of July, 2014.  The two churches worshipped together, shared many meals and traded activities.  Fun, fellowship

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Leader’s Retreat July, 2014

Over the weekend of July 5th and 6th leaders from the congregations of ILAG congregated at the Lutheran Center for sessions on Lutheranism, Singing, Living Healthy and many other topics.  There were 25 leaders from 15 congregations.  The following are

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