Northern Region – Petén

These are churches in the northern state of Petén.  They are listed with their sister churches.  Click on the name of the church to go to their page/blog.

1.ILA San Agustín– La Esmeralda Dolores Peten – Augustana Luthera Church, MN

2.ILA San José – Santa Amelia Dolores Petén – Como Park and The Resurrection Lutheran Church, MN

3.ILA  San Isidro Labrador – Nueva Guatemala, Sayajche Peten- Our Savior´s Lutheran Church, MN

4.ILA  San Juan Bautista – Zaculeu La Libertad, Peten. – Hope Lutheran Church, MN

5. ILA San Marcos – Aldea Maya Itza –Sierra del Lacandon, Peten – None