Our Projects

The Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala has several projects.  Among them we have:

  1. Water Project.  We have a goal of providing all of our families with a water filter and storage tank for drinking water.
  2. Scholarships: We have 14 young people going to school on scholarships from ILAG.
  3. Elementary School: Our school is in Boca Del Monte and is named Colegio Luterano Agustino de Guatemala.
  4. Music Lessons: Gabriel Gonzalez, a scholarship student, who studied at the Music Conservatory in Guatemala City gives lessons.
  5. Latrine Project: Latrines (or bathrooms) were built for all our families that wanted them.  This project started in 2010.
  6. Women’s Group: We have a women’s group that meets monthly to have a bible study, crafts and classes.
  7. Congregation Partnerships: Many (but not all) of our community churches have a partnership with a church in the United States.
  8. Emergency Fund: We have an emergency fund set up to respond quickly to crises that can occur due to weather or health concerns.
  9. AIDS Education: We teach classes about AIDS awareness at our health and women’s retreats.
  10. New School: We are in the early stages of planning a new middle school/high school here in Guatemala City.